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At Suss & Weske Umzüge, we take care of all aspects of your move. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction allows us to handle your move efficiently and stress-free. We provide non-binding cost estimates to assist you in the worry-free planning of your move. Additionally, we offer a Full Service, meaning that all necessary preparatory work, including packing and disassembly, is done by us and expertly prepared for transportation. Subsequently, we handle the transportation to your desired location.

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Local moves

Smooth and stress-free relocation within your region is guaranteed by our experienced staff and modern equipment. We ensure efficient and reliable moves for both residential and office spaces. Movings in rural areas is also not a challenge for us.


Our storage services provide secure and flexible solutions for personal and private belongings. Whether short-term or long-term, we ensure the safety and integrity of your items. Your property will be stored in closed and alarm-secured storage spaces, providing a protected storage location.

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Tienda de antigüedades

Transport of Cars and Motorcycles

We offer safe and reliable transport for your vehicles. With specialized motorcycle mounts and experienced personnel, we transport your car or motorcycle carefully to your desired location.

Art and valuables transport

Our art and valuables transport services ensure the highest security and professionalism for the protected transportation of valuable artworks. With specialized personnel and state-of-the-art security technology, we provide a reliable solution for transporting your precious items. The insurance premium is based on the value of the goods.

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Herramientas de hardware

​Additional loads

Our shared load service offers cost-effective transport for smaller cargo. Through intelligent planning, we combine your goods with other transports, not only being environmentally friendly but also minimizing your costs. Trust us for flexible and economical transport solutions.

Assembly & disassembly of furniture

We make your furnishing experience effortless. Our experienced team ensures precise and secure assembly, allowing your furniture to be perfectly showcased. Trust us for professional furnishing solutions

Almacén de distribución con estanterías altas

Transport of commercial goods on pallets

For safe and efficient transport of goods on pallets, rely on our dedicated team and state-of-the-art logistics. We guarantee reliable deliveries, regardless of the size or type of your cargo. Experience and professionalism for a smooth shipment.

International Moving Logistics

Our EU moves offer comprehensive services:

- Detailed assessment and non-binding quote for your moving goods

- Optional: Professional disassembly and assembly of furniture and careful packing of personal effects

- Secure transport in one of our air-suspended moving trucks

- Loading and unloading directly at the customer's location

- If necessary: Professional furniture assembly and careful unpacking of personal items

- All necessary papers and certificates for EU transport are available

- Everything stays in one hand with us, and we don't subcontract to other carriers

- No additional hidden fees with us

Trust in our experience and professionalism for a smooth move that meets your expectations.

Additional Services

- Additional higher insurance for appropriate coverage is available

- Delivery and shuttle services in the rural area are possible, providing even more flexibility.

- Packaging materials for secure packing can be purchased from us

- Optionally, we can provide trained personnel such as painters, electricians, carpenters, and construction workers upon request

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